Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have nothing particularly pertinent to write about. But I'm also terribly, terribly bored and have nothing else to do. So, suffer.....Ha!

I don't like being a Bengali in JNU. Not that I'm much of a Bengali anyway, but it just irritates me because of one simple reason. Three fifths of the people here are probably Bengali, about a third of them talk really loud. And that's how I unintentionally know the gory details of a zillion people who were engaged in loud conversation when they passed me by. I hate being an eavesdropper, even if its unintentional.

There's something about winter. It makes me even lazier than I usually am. All I wanna do is stay in bed all day long, with prompt room service and steaming meals. Seriously, that's all I wanna do.
Girls, I'm not one to talk about sartorial sense, but really, please don't team up monkeycaps with salwar kameezes. I'm trying really hard to be nice, and you're not making it easier.

And Maya, sweetie, I know I really love you and all, but the next time I come to say hi and you ignore me, perched on your little spot on top of the boundary wall, and you proceed to 'whatever' me by turning your face away, its all over between us. You know I mean it...


sun4none said...

ok.. ths was tad confusing.. dunno y..but it was.. lemme re-read ths!

heh? ok said...

@ suk
its random. chhod de.

zypsy said...

...monkeycaps with salwar kameezes.
that's nice:-))

gonna miss the delhi winter..

heh? ok said...

am so scared at the thought of going to a winterless place, or worse, to the southern hemisphere!

raghu said...

winter... ven the days r cold and bright.

raghu said...

n hws it goin wid maya nw.??

heh? ok said...

maya is an opportunistic strategist of the highest order...she only likes me when i have something tangible to offer her...sigh

raghu said...

most ppl r like dat..rnt they?
nw dats the fun..makin those kinda ppl run!