Friday, October 01, 2010


So, finally, I have something to do that I actually want to do. I've just been asked to join a collective of freelance copy editors. I have a feeling that this is probably the first time in my professional life that I will actually enjoy what I do. The last two months of submitting my CV online have just reinforced the fact that nobody gets hired by applying online. And in the process, somewhere I began to question myself, as to whether this decision to wait for the right job in the right location was going to be a great debacle. At this moment, I'm just grateful I had the courage to walk away from the comfortable. And I haven't found the perfect job yet, but I'm certain that the lords of language won't leave my great love unrequited.

Maybe it's a good thing that I was so terrible at math. Or that my drawings looked like dullness itself. Maybe it is wonderful to only be good at one thing; juggling words around till they please you. Atleast when you find where your soul needs to be, there won't be other tempting paths to confuse you.

So it begins.