Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Fight The Change

So I got tagged by Skaty to tell the world at large (or atleast my indulgent readership) about ten secrets that I had otherwise sworn to take to the grave. But since I am such an adept at seeing only what I want to see, I've converted the tag into a convenient way of telling you about the Big Changes on the anvil without the corollary melodrama. Gasp, long sentence. Why do I have a sneaky feeling that if I had a sidekick named Robin, right now he would have exclaimed, "Holy Punctuation Party, BattyGirl!"?

Anyway, getting to the point, Ten Things You Don't Know Yet:

1. I've quit my job. Today's my last day here and on Tuesday I'm joining an advertising agency as a (a-hem) Senior Copywriter. And right now I'm most excited about redecorating the interiors.

2. I'm spending a lot of money to move into a nice place of my own. I'm excited at the thought of having eggs for breakfast and dry fish for dinner. Yay, me!

3. I'm fanatical about kitchen etiquette. And I hate it when people try to help me when I cook. I'd rather they just talked to me from the sides. You're right, the subtext of this is that I'm a control freak.

4. I have three times more clothes than a normal person needs. And shoes. And I can't get enough. I'm extremely greedy.

5. I've named my newly acquired stuffed toy dog Chandoo McAdams. The boyfriend quips that this is what the British called Chandu Muqaddam.

6. I'm a nag. I keep at it consistently. And don;t let anyone tell you it doesn't work.

7. I'm a big believer in Girls' Night Out, but I've never really enjoyed Sex and the City. I just keep wanting to lock Sarah Jessica in her closet.

8. The biggest indicator of whether I like a person is whether I'm comfortable telling her/him that s/he is a donkey.

9. I've never seen porn. There, it's out in the open.

10. I judge people who carry melancholy about their past sufferings like a badge of honour. Especially when they look into space and sigh for effect.

Okay, so now you know. I inflict this tag on New Age Scheherazade and Villager/ RK (just to get a post out of them). Also, Doubletake, Doublethink, Annesha (ha ha, revenge), Kitkat, Dreamcatcher and Probe (coz I'm soooooooo curious and I'm wondering if your talent for jamming your foot into your mouth transcends real life and ventures into blogdom). Now I need to pack up my desk. Good day!