Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Week Later....

So its been a whole week, and hard as it is to believe, I've managed to survive. Its been quite a week. Never again will I underestimate the importance of the word co-ordination. No matter how hard you try, there's always something you'll forget. But you learn to move on. I haven't quite learned yet. Oh, and its the first time I'm blogging from work (Don't look so shocked, its 10.40 on a Saturday night. I'm not exactly lazing around on company time).

Most things are alright. I quite like what I do, and most people are nice to me. The puritannical Jain lady turned out to be worse than an ordinary tyrant. She has the added quality of being mercenary as well. So if you do something she doesn't like, not only will she make a face at you and lecture you, she will also charge you a hundred bucks for the privilege. I'm getting out of there as soon as I can manage.

But most importantly, I'm so, so homesick and heartsick all the time. I don't know what to do if I want to get a bite to eat, or who to call if I want to just laze around and talk about nothing and everything. The worst part about being homesick is that its worse when you have more than one place in your memory that you call home. And if your memory's sharp, then you are a doomed soul.

God, I miss Delhi. I miss my corner seat at the Barista outlet in Priya, I miss rambling around late at night on campus. I miss the liberty of dropping into various friends' houses when I feel like home-cooked food. There used to be a lot of love around me, and now I feel a huge void when there's no one around to check whether I've eaten properly or slept on time. It isn't like I always ate properly and slept on time in Delhi, but people asked all the same.

I'm going home now, rather, I'm going back to the madhouse. Will keep you updated.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Things To Do Tomorrow

1. Try not to take the wrong local train and get lost again.

2. Try to talk the puritannical sounding Jain lady into letting you be her paying guest inspite of unpredicatble office hours.

3. Get rid of preconceived notions about all Jain ladies being puritannical.

4. Figure out if seven more cartons of your stuff will fit into a room that you'll have to share with another girl.

5. Fervently pray to whichever god or whatever you believe in that your next roomie is atleast half as nice as your last one, that she's reasonably clean, and that she doesn't smoke.

6. Chuckle unkindly at the thought that puritannical Jain ladies wouldn't really take in girls who smoked, and wonder at the irony of the fact that someone else's narrow mind might actually help you for once.

7. Keep your fingers crossed for a nice bathroom.

8. Get to work on time. The trains will be less crowded on a Sunday, which means that you won't have to graciously walk away from the crowd like you did today.

9. When the AC makes your feet numb, have some tea.

10. Thank some divine authority for the divine weather.

11. If you manage to survive your second day in Bombay as (a) employed, and (b) hale and hearty (or your watered down version of it), give yourself exactly three pats on the back.

12. Don't pat yourself on the back while you're hanging around in a train. Tempting Fate is not for you and you know it.

13. Sleep early. Monday awaits.

Good luck, me hearty!

Monday, July 09, 2007


I LOVE writing posts on request. It makes me feel thoroughly important. This particular post is for New Age Scheherazade, who very sweetly and dramatically stated that she NEEDS another post. I shall oblige most delightedly.

First, the important announcements. (Ahem).

I am OFFICIALLY employed. That's right, somebody decided to hire me AND pay me.

I'm moving to Bombay as a consequence of the previous announcement, and its happening soon, probably by this weekend. I anticipate being thoroughly cross and cranky, firstly because I HATE moving, and secondly because I have to find a place to stay in nanoseconds. So, those of you who can stay away from me for the next month or so, count your lucky stars. As for the rest of you, I apologize in advance. I'm NOT an unreasonable, mean banshee, no matter how much you may want to believe the contrary.

I still can't believe someone hired me. Let's see how long I stay hired.

When I'm cooking, my mind goes off on all kinds of trajectories. The other day I was dreaming about how, when I was a child, my dad used to make rotis every morning. To this day I haven't had rotis as wonderfully soft, or perfect in shape. I remember taking rotis for lunch to school, and my friends being routinely amazed at the fact that my dad was such a wonderful cook. I also remember one of them remarking that her dad couldn't even boil water. Strange, the things one remembers.

And one of my latest resolutions is that I need to replenish my self respect in a big way. I'm going to cultivate an ego the size of a football field. Why, you ask? Who says I have to tell you?

P.S.: - My little sister, the Pinkerton, has started her own little weblog, and has asked me to invite all my friends over. I'm going to go read now, the enthusiastic ones among you can check out her link. She writes poetry, I'm told. :)