Saturday, July 14, 2007

Things To Do Tomorrow

1. Try not to take the wrong local train and get lost again.

2. Try to talk the puritannical sounding Jain lady into letting you be her paying guest inspite of unpredicatble office hours.

3. Get rid of preconceived notions about all Jain ladies being puritannical.

4. Figure out if seven more cartons of your stuff will fit into a room that you'll have to share with another girl.

5. Fervently pray to whichever god or whatever you believe in that your next roomie is atleast half as nice as your last one, that she's reasonably clean, and that she doesn't smoke.

6. Chuckle unkindly at the thought that puritannical Jain ladies wouldn't really take in girls who smoked, and wonder at the irony of the fact that someone else's narrow mind might actually help you for once.

7. Keep your fingers crossed for a nice bathroom.

8. Get to work on time. The trains will be less crowded on a Sunday, which means that you won't have to graciously walk away from the crowd like you did today.

9. When the AC makes your feet numb, have some tea.

10. Thank some divine authority for the divine weather.

11. If you manage to survive your second day in Bombay as (a) employed, and (b) hale and hearty (or your watered down version of it), give yourself exactly three pats on the back.

12. Don't pat yourself on the back while you're hanging around in a train. Tempting Fate is not for you and you know it.

13. Sleep early. Monday awaits.

Good luck, me hearty!


another brick in the wall said...

14. teach suk how 2 take a relief shower

15. don't expect suk to let u sleep early :P

best of luck wid the rest :P

heh? ok said...

@ brick
i'll be asleep latest by 11.30. you'll see.

raghu said...

hahahahah.. your funniest post ever!

oo that wasnt supposed to be funny na? :S

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

LOL.. looks like you'll need a lot of luck.
Good luck!

heh? ok said...

@ raghu
its okay, you may laugh :)

@ tooothless wonder
you're very astute, and thank you :P

raghu said...

haan ab theek se hasega.. we cant laugh without ur permission.. and that too on u..shee shee.. ot allowed.. :D:D

new age scheherazade said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the what's-the-job-like post.

good luck. And one good thing-Jain ladies cook divinely.specially thin papad-like spicy chapattis.mmm.

another brick in the wall said...

hah! u were up till 2 again :P

oh.. the relief shower demo still remains 2 be shown lemme remind u.. in case it slips ur mind EVER

Saltwater Blues said...

dont worry sweetheart, you'll be just fine. tight hug!

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
thanks for the tip, i was kinda worried about that. and the job post'll be up in some time..

@ brick
well, i guess someone had to be the bigger person and make the adjustment. and someone is me.

@ saltwater blues
i'm beginning to agree, thank you :)

probe said...

catch the right trains and you'll always get where you want. in bbay.
or otherwise.
Cheers and hav fun.

HP said...

Hope Mumbai starts treating you better in coming months :-)

Best Of Luck!!


dobereinerr said...

U were workin on a Ravivaar?

R U yemployed in an Advertising Agency?

akhila said...

this is the funnest thing i hv read in a looong time...of course that is also 'cos all that i am reading is archives!!! how goes?

suk said...

u've completed a week boss.. bring in the update!

gouri dange said...

sometimes someone writes wonderfully the exact thoughts that have been going on inarticulately in my head. i read your sentence ".. and wonder at the irony of the fact that someone else's narrow mind might actually help you for once." and laughed out loud and read it out to someone in the room who then proceeded to laugh out loud too.

heh? ok said...


@ probe
such excellent advice. it hadn't occurred to me at all. Thankee :P

@ hp
whoever you are, thank you. i hope so too.

:( that's how it goes.

@ suk

@ gouri and someone else in the room
thankee. laughs are always good, both for your health and for my self esteem :)

heh? ok said...


@ dobereinerr
worse. event management.

probe said...

abstract, and unapologetic :)

heh? ok said...

@ probe
vague. never mind.