Sunday, March 15, 2009

25 Things That Hardly Matter

Just because I don't like writing on Facebook.

1. Right now I'm playing fetch with Ramprasad, my Facebook pup.
2. Whenever I read about Madeline Bassett in any of the Jeeves books, I get more convinced that she was written because Wodehouse found Anne of Green Gables ridiculous.
3. Mosquitoes did not let me sleep all night, so I read the Deathly Hallows book for the nth time. Harry Potter is an inexpressible comfort to me.
4. I find all doctors sinister, even the friendly, white haired 'Family Doctor Uncle'.
5. Masakalli makes me feel like I could fly.
6. Today I discovered that poppy seeds are called khus khus in Hindi.
7. The most ridiculous thing that happened to me recently was when I was huffing and puffing away on the treadmill. As it is, treadmills make me feel unco-ordinated and nervous. To add to that, my gym plays crappy remixes all the time. The icing on the cake was the woman next to me, loudly exhorting everyone to 'Shake it Daddy'.
8. I'm deeply convinced of the innate decency of Gregory Peck.
9. I feel embarrassed when other people do stupid things, even in the movies. I look away because I feel like I'm watching something indecent.
10. Yesterday I washed and dried all the detachable parts of my fridge, taking neat freak to a new level.
11. I'm so used to PVR that I find that all other cinema theatres smell funny.
12. My trainer recently told me that my life is doomed because I never played any sports in school. He has told me this everytime I've worked out with him. Now I wonder how many muscles I will benefit by socking him on the jaw.
13. I think that the term 'White Lies' takes the cake as far as racism in language is concerned.
14. Somehow, the knowledge that Hermione Granger is played by an actress who is a straight As student in real life feels right.
15. I can't believe how large a number 25 is.
16. I don't know if I'll ever have kids, but I've got names picked out.
17. I still write letters, old fashioned pen and paper ones, to the two people in the world who write back. I love it.
18. I have a couple of giant regrets, a few of which I plan to address by getting back to academics someday.
19. Boredom and idleness make a fascinating cocktail. That is my poison.
20. Dating someone younger to me has made me realize that age does matter, just not in the ways we think.
21. If I had to think of one word to describe how I'd like to feel, that word would be Sufiyana.
22. Dave Barry is my Monday morning ritual.
23. The best thing about the aftermath of Delhi 6 is the number of people I've discovered who are in love with Delhi. Thoda sa resham, thoda khurdura, a slice of the same ancient soul in all of us.
24. Tomorrow I have to tell my client that she lacks professionalism and courtesy, without offending her. I'm looking forward to it.
25. Mangoes are God's way of making up for life.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Clickety Clack

You know, there is always that moment. The one where things clear up in your head with a resounding click. The click may be a perky one or a gloomy one, depending on the subject of the epiphany. I've had more than my fair share of those during my life.

The day I saw Aamir Khan on screen for the first time, when I was about four years old. Click! Barbie was a mere crush, this is love.

The thousandth time that my elder sister was beating the crap out of me, while I was retaliating with all my might, but with little effect. Click! There are some battles you can never win.

The time I was watching Roman Holiday in SKT's house. Audrey Hepburn woke up, looked around at Gregory Peck's modest apartment, and asked in her regal tones, "Is this the elevator?" Click! Girl crush.

After three years of reading blogs, scrapbooks, walls and suchlike, click! Very, very few situations in life merit the use of an exclamation mark.

The first time I met A, after three days wondering what I would do if he looked like a paunchy kind of yeti. Click! I'm superficial, and he's not Sasquatch.

The time I spent a whole evening at an awards show, looking at the brightest stars of the film industry. Click! It's boring, they're boring. And it's painful how much I don't care.

Yesterday, when I was spending my day off squatting in the bathroom shampooing my stuffed dog Chandu. Click! I'm so very old.

The first time I tried to write a post and drew a complete blank, about three weeks ago. Click! People change.