Sunday, March 01, 2009

Clickety Clack

You know, there is always that moment. The one where things clear up in your head with a resounding click. The click may be a perky one or a gloomy one, depending on the subject of the epiphany. I've had more than my fair share of those during my life.

The day I saw Aamir Khan on screen for the first time, when I was about four years old. Click! Barbie was a mere crush, this is love.

The thousandth time that my elder sister was beating the crap out of me, while I was retaliating with all my might, but with little effect. Click! There are some battles you can never win.

The time I was watching Roman Holiday in SKT's house. Audrey Hepburn woke up, looked around at Gregory Peck's modest apartment, and asked in her regal tones, "Is this the elevator?" Click! Girl crush.

After three years of reading blogs, scrapbooks, walls and suchlike, click! Very, very few situations in life merit the use of an exclamation mark.

The first time I met A, after three days wondering what I would do if he looked like a paunchy kind of yeti. Click! I'm superficial, and he's not Sasquatch.

The time I spent a whole evening at an awards show, looking at the brightest stars of the film industry. Click! It's boring, they're boring. And it's painful how much I don't care.

Yesterday, when I was spending my day off squatting in the bathroom shampooing my stuffed dog Chandu. Click! I'm so very old.

The first time I tried to write a post and drew a complete blank, about three weeks ago. Click! People change.


Dhanya said...

I totally understand the 'sister beating the crap out of you' situation. Realization dawns when you least expect it. Nice post!

dobereinerr said...

Why Chandu, if I may ask...

heh? ok said...

@ dhanya
first, you have a nice name. second, when you're being pummelled, you're more receptive to wisdom :)

@ dobereinerr
it's chandu mcadams. it's a personality thing.

probe said...

A far cry from Sasquatch. Quite charming, the A fellow. Even with his paunch these days. Click! I'm still madly in love with this blog.

Anonymous said...

Click, click!! so well written about... um... nothingness?!:)

heh? ok said...

@ probe
your modesty staggers me.

@ thethoughtbug
it's a specialty, you might say. i choose form over substance :)

xanindia said...

Boring indeed if its not in your taste and passion. A person will never experience boredom if he thinks of everything as a life of worthwhile endeavor.

heh? ok said...

@ xanindia
admirable if anyone could, but i could never be that person. it would take the pleasure out of mundane things being, well, mundane.