Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Week Later....

So its been a whole week, and hard as it is to believe, I've managed to survive. Its been quite a week. Never again will I underestimate the importance of the word co-ordination. No matter how hard you try, there's always something you'll forget. But you learn to move on. I haven't quite learned yet. Oh, and its the first time I'm blogging from work (Don't look so shocked, its 10.40 on a Saturday night. I'm not exactly lazing around on company time).

Most things are alright. I quite like what I do, and most people are nice to me. The puritannical Jain lady turned out to be worse than an ordinary tyrant. She has the added quality of being mercenary as well. So if you do something she doesn't like, not only will she make a face at you and lecture you, she will also charge you a hundred bucks for the privilege. I'm getting out of there as soon as I can manage.

But most importantly, I'm so, so homesick and heartsick all the time. I don't know what to do if I want to get a bite to eat, or who to call if I want to just laze around and talk about nothing and everything. The worst part about being homesick is that its worse when you have more than one place in your memory that you call home. And if your memory's sharp, then you are a doomed soul.

God, I miss Delhi. I miss my corner seat at the Barista outlet in Priya, I miss rambling around late at night on campus. I miss the liberty of dropping into various friends' houses when I feel like home-cooked food. There used to be a lot of love around me, and now I feel a huge void when there's no one around to check whether I've eaten properly or slept on time. It isn't like I always ate properly and slept on time in Delhi, but people asked all the same.

I'm going home now, rather, I'm going back to the madhouse. Will keep you updated.


another brick in the wall said...

hmm.. soon soon everythng shall be alrt.. soon.. and if u jst take a look around.. u'll surely find that some distinct soul does care.. if not.. then forgive him cz hez failed miserably

heh? ok said...

@ brick
oye distinct soul, shaddup. without your hallowed presence i'd have been on the streets. but i miss the others, no helping that.

another brick in the wall said...

na na.. ab bas dekh.. saala.. tereko roj call karke kaisa irritate karta hai.. saala.. khaana khaaya ki nahiu.. tu soyi ki nahi... tu nahaaya ki nahi (tho thts quite unnecessary cz am sure if it comes 2 tht then u wudnt think twice bout bathin in the rain :P).. so yes... ab tune jung ched di hai.. ab bhughat :P

das tu khallas :P

raghu said...

gawd i love you two. i wish i knew how to show it..really.

Anonymous said...

imagine humari kya halat hai! nobody to call up and say,' tune khaya ki nahi!' or 'sangy dee dass!!! wake up!!!!' or ' you're late you know that!!' or even maybe,' tu ghar maat ja please na, aaj yehi soja!!' and nobody to call up randomly!!
what has our life come to? i thought working will be cool and that things will remain the same! but i just got snapped to reality, no matter how hard you try things change, they will, they do! and there is nothing you can do about it! you just feel so empty and lonely sometimes, even though you are surrounded, especially when you start working, you meet new people etc etc, but its the old ones you desire, to be with! and you try so hard to hold on! but as a 'wise' friend said once, the harder you try to hold on the more people slip away!
sigh this is life, but we got to go on! just wish you were here!! would have been so much easier! wish i wasn't drifting away!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

It feels odd commenting on this one post. An alien city can be quite intimidating. I've been there some years ago, and what worked for me was this:
I would take a notepad, and camera, and go exploring. Every weekend - until I found I did not have to do that anymore, because I had quite a few good friends, and better things to do.
You need to give it time. And find something to do in the meanwhile.

heh? ok said...

@ raghu

@ anon i was telling you, four years is a long time. we'll manage. hugs.
you're not drifting anywhere :)

@ toothless wonder
thanks for the suggestion. i mostly sleep in my free time, even though its not very constructive.

akhila said...

aww...poor baby!!! dont worry these blues will go away. trust me u dont wanna be in hostel right now. it is so wierd. none of u guys are around. when pple are they are either packing or so busy wrking (like me) that they dont have time for others. [oh! btw m.phil is finally over. i writng the acknowledgements :)] and there is someone else in your room!!! so delhi misses u back equally :)

new age scheherazade said...

oh..that's sad :(.but not for long, i think.
and i expect that's the downside of loving and being loved by a lot of have so many more of them to miss.

but can the tyrant cook?

Anonymous said...

even in bombay your fan brigade is still going strong i can see..hows life in mumbai? (pankaj from yahoo)

probe said...

cyberhugs :)

akhila said...

hey where have u gone away? has bombay eaten u up or what?

new age scheherazade said...

has 'red' given up blogging? no!! i loved her. she was so funny..

chandni said...

no new posts??

Hope u dpin ok...

Bombay is very intimidating in the begining...but trust me , once u find ur place...u won't be as comfortable elsewhere...

take care

Saltwater Blues said...

change can be difficult I know ... I too have been finding it mighty hard adjusting to new job and not so friendly people, but with time sab theek ho jayenga.

And why you say there is no love around you ... hum sab hain na :)

Mwahhh!! ... will drop in on you soon, ok.

heh? ok said...

@ akhila
sniff, thankee.

@ new age scheherazade
you have an interesting way of looking at things, usually they make me feel better. and red's new link is on the blog, so enjoy :)

@ probe
again, sniff, thankee.

@ chandni
i'm too irritated with the place to look at the bright side right now, but maybe things will be as you surmise.

@ swb
nahi hua toh? acha theek hai, i'll last out the trial period.