Sunday, November 19, 2006

You and me

Was it really that long ago
That we met, and touched?
That we made up our minds
To hold on?

It was all I'd wanted
And a lot, lot more
It felt like I was finally home
After so many forevers of weary wandering.

And then one day, I was awakened,
You felt that I was holding you too close,
Getting in your way,
Not letting you fly...

So we let go, hesitantly,
You drifted away, across galaxies,
So very far away that I
Couldn't even trace your path in the stardust.

Since that faraway day,
My life has been an endless, endless wait.
And I suffer a more bitter loneliness
Now that I know how it was..

Sometimes I read you
In a line of a book somewhere
Or hear you in a line
Of some strange, haunting ditty.

I know one day we will be, again
And that you will find your way to me,
Its just that sometimes, I wonder
Do you wait for me also?

Is your soul as seared as mine
By the cruel silver of the moon?
Does the wind blowing through your hair
Make your spirit shiver like mine?

Don't answer me,
I can't bear to know,
I just hope that this lifetime is the last
Of the ones that I've spent looking..

Now every day stings a little bit more,
And every moment gets a little longer.
Make your way back before hope is extinguished
And I meld into the endless earth.

***Disclaimer for friends and well-wishers: 'You' and 'I' are imaginary characters. Please do not worry about my well-being.


sim said...

sigh...i wish somebody would write a poem or blog about me which wouldnt make me look like an evil person (no no i am not referring to ur poem in anyway)....
but ur poem is nice and i understood it in one go which is saying a lot cause me and poems dont go together!

heh? ok said...

@ sim
pleasure :)

ninkita said...

what strange messages you write, missy.. its rather good!!! you should do more of this!

heh? ok said...

@ nin
poetic repertoire exhausted for now.. maybe after exams

sameer said...

the flow is unbroken, the thought unblemished, the 'soul' peeks thru',and the fingers pen it down ...
u write well!

heh? ok said...

thanks makhi! :)

Anonymous said...


heh? ok said...

@ anon
i dunno how many times i've told you this. clearly hasn't penetrated your thick skull, so i'll say it again. you're an idiot.

sun4none said...

imaginary... really sangy?

heh? ok said...

@ sun

raghu said...

ya.. nice try 2 hide.. dat the poem has nothin 2 do wid u
That we met, and touched?
touchy aunty..very very bad

heh? ok said...

@ raghu

Exigo Animus said...

oye the poems good haan.. damn nice..write more na..
its weird anit it..ven u want em 2 b wid u.. yet u fear hopin.. i hate 2 fear hopin..u noe.. its like bein indifferent.. n bein indiff is wrose dan hatin.its like ignorin their presence.. its bad.. so id rather hope.. n dwell in pain.. its my silent tribute.