Saturday, November 18, 2006


Its late at night...actually its early morning. I'm sitting in my room, listening to Sheryl Crow trying to convince James Bond to stay at home with her, coz he's 'not the only spy out there'..The lighting in the room's soft and warm, coming from the lamp that my roommate's rather ingenously devised. My feet are a little cold, but the shawl will mend that soon enough. In a little while, T and A will come here to share tea and some part of their lives with me. I'm drinking in the cleanliness, the cosiness and the sanity of where I am right now. My heart feels full, like I love the whole world at this moment. I'm also scheduling the whole of next week so as to enable me to pass the dreaded exams while doing the most minimal amount of work possible. I'm thinking of Kitkat, hoping she got home alright. I'm also wondering if Maya is suffering too much in the cold outside, my poor, precious little mutt. This is it, this is my life, my being, my happiness, right here, now, at this very moment, and I'm blessed.....


ninkita said...

And here's the latest on that chocolate-covered-wafer...
A) she hates buses
B) of late, her travelling travails have gone beyond human credulity, and must command the compassion of even the most hardened souls.
C) She's just about forgotten what her house looks like in daytime, seeing as how she only gets to see it late at night and very early in the morning
D) Her assignment situation is also sad enough to move anyone to tears(icluding herself, on occasion)
E) For some strange reason she's been chomping on Munch instead of K'Kat or even her usual Dairy-milk!
F) Every so often, she realises anew how much she likes certain RHCP songs..
G) She's not writing her assignment, choosing to write arbit comments on other people's blogs instead!

heh? ok said...

@ nin
here, take a hug for all your troubles..i can spare some!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Lucky you.
I've got my exams goin'. Worst part.

And hey you've got a nice blog.
Cheers. :)

heh? ok said...

@ virus
my exams are less than a week away. i'm not lucky, just foolish. and, thanks.

Saltwater Blues said...

You have the wondeful aility (or should I say gift)to put things in words in a way that the reader can actually feel what your feeling - the mark of a good writer no doubt.

Good luck for your exams.

Warm regards,

heh? ok said...

@ swb is quite wonderful to know that i've managed to convey to the reader atleast part of my intent. and yes, i need all the luck i can get, and then some more, so thanks again.

Exigo Animus said...

ya i feel happy ven im real cornered.. i feel happy dat i am cornered.. n dat im not gonna die.. n dat im gonna get thru..evn if only scrae thru..i feel happy ven i justify my laziness wid a wonderful idea.. u noe.. im physically very lazy.. so ven i get a job done frm my head i get all happy

but den nothin makes me happy ven i feel the precenes of somebody i love or miss.. its fullfillin..makes me want 2 live.. dat lil bit longer.