Saturday, November 04, 2006

Highs and lows

Last night happened to be assigned to merrymaking with my friends. Now our merrymaking sessions tend to be rather protracted, taking advantage of the fact that we happen to live in a huge, gorgeous campus. A couple of times we've managed to catch the first light of dawn after a whole night of the most arbitrary forms of timepass. So last night, the gods of food and drink were smiling down on us as usual. And as is well known, when the gods like you, you're in deep trouble.

So everything was going on perfectly, when suddenly, I happened to look up at the sky. I began to reminisce of life back home, where the stars shine so much brighter, and where there is always time to look at the sky. In a couple of years, when my sister is ready to move out, the last link I have to that patch of earth that I was born in will be snapped, and the only home that I've ever known will be no more.

Obviously, thoughts of this nature are not very conducive to the general atmosphere of merrymaking. So I shook my head a couple of times and got back to socializing with my friends. Then began the sharpest mood swings I've ever had. When I was happy, I was delirious with it. I just couldn't stop giggling shrilly like my head was on fire or something. And in the next moment my sadness would seem to engulf me completely. As always, I began to employ the rather self-indulgent version of introspection that I like to use. For twenty odd minutes or so, I wondered if it was the stars who were playing with me, or if my subconscious had decided to have a little party of its own. I wondered if the familiar guilt had gotten tired of its familiar avatar and was trying out a new, more sinister form. One after one, I examined and discarded one after the other sophisticated explanation. Then after i had exhausted my repertoire of causalities, I decided to rely on my old favourite, Mr. Gandhi, who always advocated taking the path of simplicity. So I tried to think simply, and it is possibly the toughest thing to do with a mind that has believed in running around in circles since infancy. However, simple thinking it was that provided me with an explanation in under five minutes: those killers that torment without respite, that can put the most rational person on the fast track to insanity. Yeah you guessed right. Hormones.


ninkita said...

really , my dear, i know exactly what you mean. for the rest of humanity, of course, it'd have been helpful if you'd specified which ones(hormones, i mean :P)
ok, kidding.. :)

heh? ok said...

@ nin
the rest of humanity would be much better off if they took the initiative and helped themselves. ;)

ninkita said...

the rest of humanity only take the initiative and help themselves when it comes to something like chocolate cake, and you know it!

sun4none said...

hahahah... nice end! ths was fun!

heh? ok said...

@ sun
i'm glad.

Exigo Animus said...

best so far.. :D