Monday, October 29, 2007

Saturday Night

This is another post on request, the request coming from The Other One who was a part of my Saturday night. We'll call him A, because here we're all powerful and we can call people whatever we want. Another reason is because some people have done a better job of staying anonymous than I have, and I'm too nice to blow their cover (but believe me, it's a tempting idea).

A lot of people will tell you that I'm always, always late for everything. Chronic sufferers like RK have now become resigned to this inevitability, and always mentally add a half hour to the appointed time of meeting. But now I realize that I am but a mere apprentice in the art and science of never getting anywhere on time, and A is Grandmaster. For once in my life, I made it to Dadar station on time, only to have to wait for some thirty odd minutes, during which time three men of varying description puckered up and made kissy faces at me. Blech. And when i got really mad and called to find out where the truant was, he nonchalantly informed me that he was waiting for a train, would take another twenty minutes atleast, and (splutter, splutter) would save the apologies for later. I was still blinking stupidly for five minutes after the call ended.

Now what do you do when you have a very angry heh? ok waiting for you at a railway station of all places? You send foolish messages about how you're going to make it up to her and get worried when she doesn't reply. You're so worried that when you do actually meet her, you slip in a few innocuous compliments about how men making gross kissy faces at her implies that she's looking nice etc. This actually ends up amusing the aforementioned heh? ok, who can't stay angry very long for trivial things anyway, and also knows the pitfalls of being a chronic latecomer herself. So after fifteen odd minutes of general rudeness and sarcasm, things are peachy keen once again.

After this little aside, there was a very fruitful exploration of a little eatery near Churchgate station, where A was the cynosure of a strange gentleman's eyes. It's nice to see men getting fidgety when other men pay them too much attention. Some sort of sweet revenge.

We then went to Marine Drive for some Profound Conversation. We also had to dodge some very amorous couples who thought that the parapet by the sea was the best place for clandestine intimacies. Seriously, this city has no space, and people need to understand the phrase "Get a room". But apart from them, there was a sad lonely man with vodka in a Sprite bottle who thoroughly fascinated A the entire evening. The glamour of sorrow is rather attractive, I must say. There was also as much conversation as one can possibly squeeze into four hours, sometimes glib, sometimes serious. It's wonderful to talk by the seaside, really. It feels like the waves themselves are inching closer for a listen. We also had some adventures with a matchbox, but you don't need to know any more about those. Then we went to Leopold and ordered a heavenly dinner which we did not eat. It's strange how full you can feel without eating at times.

I can now boast that I have once caught the last train back home. A believes that slow trains are the dregs of the world of transportation. I think they're nice. They let you be, sink into the night, watch the other people who inhabit your life for all of twenty minutes before you disembark. I also get lulled into a sweet, half dreamy state because of the motion. Okay, enough poesy about local trains. By then it was already Sunday, so logic dictates that the post must end.

Note to A: - I hope that was accurate enough. If not, too bad, write your own post about it. If it was, great, write your own post about it.

Note to others: - Wake up. It's over, you can celebrate now.


RK said...

Ha. Thanks A for making her wait. heh ok? Now you know how I feel almost every time we meet. Ha.

On another note (as this is your blog, I'd better not anger you too much), I like slow trains for the same reasons. But only when they are empty.

ninkita said...

You mean mean person.... i was part of it too, but you didnt even mention it.. sigh... one must resign oneself to a life of anonymity it seems.. it is so, so hard...

heh? ok said...

@ rk
well, you will have occasion to rue your words the next time we meet.

@ nin
oops..ehehehe. ab kya kahein, the memory of the kissy faces drove our very wonderful phone conversation at the station straight out of my mind. saarie! but what is my life without you? etc.

A said...

A really thinks Heh was looking pretty, but she thinks it was A's escape glib to justify delay. So A will tell lovers of cold ice-cream that Heh looks pretty when hot. From anger that is. She resents the pun.

The couple on the left and the lonely soul on the right mending a heartbreak, were the end spectrums of cardiac intricacies while we were in the middle of cerebral intricacies.

A loved the post and the evening and could magnify each moment into an individual post. You see, the glib dies down when the words flow from fingers.

A says thank you :)

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

it must be nice to be able to sit by the sea and talk. you should see the condition of the riverbank here.

heh? ok said...

@ A
you're welcome. it's just human nature to assume that compliments given under duress are schmucky in nature :)

@ doubletake, doublethink
it's nice coz in the evening you can't really tell how dirty the sea really is. ignorance is bliss.

new age scheherazade said...

maybe it was sprite?
and being late is good. people don't panic if you feel like sitting by the side of the road for a while while coming to meet them.

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
nah, he was too deep in the depths of despair to be drinking only sprite. being late is good when you're coming to meet empathetic people who are a rarity at the best of times.

zzzzzz.... said...

its nice...waiting for people.u know then that you are capable of should you not appreciate the opportunity?
this is because ive been late by 45mins sometimes and i have waited for an hour and are not alone.A should be thanked for settling your karma score even!

zzzzzz.... said...


heh? ok said...

@ zzzzz
i see that a lot of you are very amused at my having to wait. what sort of strange happiness does this give you?