Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Budday To Blog!

Thanks to the ones who sent their good wishes to Icecream, she is rather pink with glee. She is one year old today, and gurgling with the pride of achievement at having survived me for that long.

People ask me why I'm so attached to my blog. When they do, first I roll my eyes dramatically. Then I go on to tell them that my blog has given me so much back in return for the few words I manage to put in - my job (I'd like to credit it to my effusive charm, but it was really the blog), friends who have diligently suffered me or have fallen by the wayside after valiantly trying, and even some sort of readership that actually checks this page out quite frequently. But more than all this, it has given me the belief that if I were to write a book some day, it would sell two copies, guaranteed.

And so, it is most fitting that today I post a list (I love making lists) of moments in the past year that were blog-worthy, but didn't make it because I didn't have access to the internet, I was lazy or I forgot.

1. There was a moment when I realized that if I were to print a T-shirt with the blog URL in front and my hopelessly non-anonymous pseudonym at the back, it would make perfect sense.

2. Skaty and I had our own quiet version of a blazing row. I've never really had a fight with a friend before, especially not someone who I'm that close to. It lasted almost two and a half months, and the blog was in some ways a part of it, because she felt I was doing more writing than talking. I felt that she cared too much and she felt that I didn't care enough. It was long and awkward, and I'm so utterly glad that it's over. I hate confrontation, even if it is supposed to make you stronger.

3. I wanted to write a long post about how I am so heartily sick of getting unsolicited advice. Honestly, given the volume of sermons that I receive, you'd think that I was some sort of walking talking mini-disaster. Don't smirk, I'm really not.

4. Then I wanted to write about how I think that giving advice to me is some people's way of feeling better about themselves, but then I figured that if somebody's self worth gets augmented by my listening and assent, then I might as well listen. Call it my version of social service.

5. I wanted to blog about the first time I met the Brick In The Wall, and the self proclaimed rebel rocker spent about an hour staring at the wall between me and Kitkat, who was sitting next to me.

6. I've been so disappointed in so many people in the last year, and I think the feeling was mutual. But none of them ever said anything to the effect, and I was just too clumsy to write about it with any sort of grace or dignity. I also figured that when people say "I will always be there for you", they also mutter "at my convenience" under their breath.

7. Bombay is a cruel city, has always been. We are so fated. I have lost so many people to this city, and I really don't know what sort of foolish courage propelled me to actually move here. Everyday there are atleast three moments when all I want to do is to go back.

8. Loneliness is a mean thing, but the meanest kind of loneliness is the variety that is self imposed. It makes you want to write long laments to your stupidity.

9. A-hem. I write poetry in secret, lots of it. I've been writing for a very long time, and almost no one knows. It's really awful, depressing stuff. I'm almost positive that I'll never post it, but if there ever comes a day when I'm really, really angry, there will be some fatuous poem waiting right here to ruin your day.

10. I don't like it when people indulge in baby talk to get their work done. As a general rule, I think baby talk should be left to babies. I wanted to write about how hearing baby talk makes me really violent in my head, but then I realized that it made me sound like some sort of lunatic, the sort that I'm not. I'm the other sort of mad.

11. I'd gone to watch the flavour of the season, Chak De India, with a couple of friends. I liked most of the movie, but my absolute favourite was the moment when all the hockey women ganged up to beat the daylights out of a gang of lechers. Every single woman in the hall was shouting, cheering and clapping. It was a wonderful way to release the regret of not being able to do that ourselves, sweet revenge for every whistle, every predatory eye, every accidental-on-purpose shove, every traumatic bus ride. It was a moment to let go of the weariness of being a woman in a man's world, and it was blissful.

12. I get really irritated when people try to read my posts while I'm typing them. It's as bad as peeking into a book while I'm reading it, or tapping your feet while I read the newspaper, dropping oblique hints that I should hurry up with it. It's just plain bad manners, and I hope you know it. Yes, you, the one who peeked at my screen five minutes ago.

Okay, that's about it. I'm going to buy myself some cake in the evening as I'm too poor for lavish celebrations right now. And there will be no poetry here as long as you keep me happy.


another brick in the wall said...

hey! i was staring at the table not the wall! :P

happy b'day! been a year! bless the blog, bless the writer! may we all stay entertained! happy blogging :)

Sim said...

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear ice cream...happy birthday to you!!!
Arre yaar blazing(pronounced elsehow) row kahan tha...humne bus dhai mnths baat nahi kiya!! :P.....
aur acha hota hai...aise breaks hone chahiye na!!!
:) :)
pssst.. please courier us some of the cake

ninkita said...

yay all around :D

heh? ok said...

@ brick
yes, you were the one staring, so you'll remember better.

@ sim
wahi toh bola, it was our version of a fight. and thanks :)

@ nin
hehe. look at the monster you created.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

happy birthday, and you do know that the poetry will be read too. as long as it doesn't contain stuff baout blood, or people having dinner with cockroaches(yes, i know someone who writes deepdarkmorbidpoetry of that sort)

Ranjit said...

Happy Birthday to the blog that inspired many others, although the later ones (you know which ones :P) haven't been half as regular or half as inspiring.

Keep it coming, Icecream.

probe said...

Happy Birthday.. ice-cream makes mornings more palatable too :)

heh? ok said...

@ doubletake, doublethink
I've no doubt that the poetry will be read. It's the aftertaste that i worry about.

@ ranjit
inspired and all. hehe. well, they would be if they were updated regularly :P

@ probe
mornings are for a crisp cup of tea, to drive away the cobwebs from the night, no?

another brick in the wall said...

exactly.. now that u know.. it got to be corrected :P

dobereinerr said...


zzzzzz.... said...

arre happy bithday baaby!i would comment on the post but i'll just tell you its impact.when i came i was so uterrly pissed off...on the verge of angry tears. but now...not so much.i guess ice-cream is called so for a good reason.

heh? ok said...

@ dobereinerr
at the risk of sounding trite, heh?

@ zzzzzz
it's been known to calm me down on occasion as well :)

dobereinerr said...



thot u shud know


heh? ok said...

@ dobereinerr
aww, thankee! i'm sure i'll find a publisher now :)

new age scheherazade said...

happy birthday icecream.
and make that four copies.

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
thankee. aww, you guys make me feel warm and fuzzy :)

Saltwater Blues said...

hippo birdie to the blog ... been great having you around S.

shine on!

heh? ok said...

@ saltwater blues
thankee, and right back at you :)

speedpost said...

Happy Birthday! May I link ur blog to mine, please!

Perakath said...

You write well, ma'am

heh? ok said...

@ speedpost
hehe. please do. :)

@ perakath
thank you, kind sir.

Mugdha said...

hey there,

writing a blog myself. know perfectly how it is with writing - thoughts threaten to burst out of mind sometimes, and yet they dont make their way to the paper...

neway, postin to say dat ur blog n i share b' long live ur blog!!


heh? ok said...

@ mugdha
you're an icecream twin? awesome, and best wishes to you!

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