Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm A Little Irritated...

...with people who use the comment space as a free advertising medium. Being a part of the ad world, I know that legitimately buying media is expensive, and I sympathize with you. But if you decide that my comment space is a good opportunity to talk about some guy's new corporate blog or whatever nonsense you're intent on promoting, I WILL report you. Just because I don't resort to word verification doesn't mean I'll let you crap over my blog. And don't tell me I'm overreacting. I've only just begun reacting.

...with the unending and progressively more moronic 'fraandship' requests. For heavens' sake, give me one single reason why I'd like to know you. A reason apart from 'I'm the height of coolness' (I DON'T @#^%$%# CARE) or 'I'm a simple guy looking for the love of my life' (Hint: It's not me), or even 'REPLY IS MUST' (Taking Fascism to Orkut will not help your cause). Why do men think that women like jackasses? We don't, no matter what Shah Rukh Khan may say.

...with my clients who seem to have a lot of opinions. Here's a sample: -

1. 'Yuletide' is a bad word and the essence of Christmas is turkey.
2. It is not enough for turkey to look like turkey. It has to 'give the feel of turkey'.
3. 'Vibrant' is a magic word guaranteed to sell flats like hot cakes. The recession is no match for the awesome power of 'vibrant'.
4. Everybody can write copy better than the copywriter.
5. Insisting on correct grammar implies an excess of education.
6. 'Waldrof' Salad is named after the mythical land of Waldrof, and not the Waldorf Hotel in New York. The only acceptable way to correct such fantastical errors is Wikipedia.
7. If I want to sell flats located in China to Indians, all I need to do is tell the gullible Indian public that China is the new Very Very Eastern India.

Whew. Vented. Merry Christmas to everyone. Spammers will be vengefully prosecuted. Joy to the world etc.


ninkita said...


raghu said...

go eat something nice :P

heh? ok said...

@ ninkita
life's always funnier when it's written down. that's why i wanna live in a book.

@ raghu
if only it was that simple.

lazybone said...

i am to be wanting to be your friend too.

Dreamcatcher said...

Well, lets hope you deal with more intelligent and rational people next year.
Merry Christmas :)

heh? ok said...

@ lazybone
i am saying no. maybe. no, actually :)

@ dreamcatcher
on that note, do let me know if you're in delhi between 5th and 9th jan. next year, obviously.

Prince of Mirkwood said...

hmm...interesting. Merry Christmas to you too!

Ghost Rider said...

Merry Christmas! Let the Secret Santa clean up all the sp*m in your blog :-) First time here. Will frequent more often!

heh? ok said...

@ prince of mirkwood
thankee, hope christmas was good.

@ ghost rider
please do :)