Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here We Are Again

So it's time for hallowed tradition to make its presence felt once more. I'm talking, of course, about my year-end list of moments, people and things that made an impact on my life. How it matters to the rest of the world is a question I choose not to ask.

1. Changing jobs and moving into the suburbs was probably the best thing I did this year. I'm so relaxed these days, compared to the nail chewing frenzy that was last year. And it's nice to have a bit more than spare change in the wallet.

2. My apartment! I love, love, love the single red wall in the living room, my cozy cane couch that's perfect for post dinner reading and the airy kitchen where I actually feel like cooking after spending last year in a dingy passageway that passed for a kitchen. I love going home these days!

3. A and I became a regular popcorn couple this year. We watched movies with amazing regularity, almost once a week. Sometimes we were spoiled for choice and at other times we watched movies so bad that we couldn't even laugh at them afterwards. However, it has enabled me to hand out my very own year-end movie awards. Hold your breath (or don't) as I present the inaugural edition of the Filmy Flavour Icecream Awards!

The Rum and Raisins Award goes to the movies that were so rich, so well done and so taut that I don't recall how much popcorn I ate while watching them - The Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda, Wall E and Welcome to Sajjanpur.

The Synthetic Flavour Award goes to the movies that were unforgivably mundane inspite of promoting themselves as 'different' - Madhur Bhandarkar's preachy, cliched, overlong and screechy Fashion (which A characterized as the local train version of high fashion) and the supremely homophobic Dostana (I mean really, hotdogs?).

The Vanilla Award for a movie that was so wonderfully familiar to everyone who has ever lived in Delhi, coupled with flashes of humour and some good acting - Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.

The Empty Cup Award for a movie without a single redeeming feature, not even unintentional humour - Drona.

The Butterscotch Award for the one that really warmed my heart in the most surprising ways - Das Vidanya.

4. Having an apartment also meant that I bought more books than was wise, aided by the fact that a bookstore sits prettily near my favourite movie theatre. I mostly binged on Amitav Ghosh this year. I also really enjoyed Jhumpa Lahiri's latest. However, the find of the year is undoubtedly A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, which is going a long way in undermining my deep ignorance of things scientific.

5. I'm now an aunt to a very pretty little boy who's less than a month old. It's the strangest feeling in the world, having someone in the family who's younger to me by a whole generation. I'm going to have the experience repeated twice in the coming year.

6. I met A's family after quaking in my boots for more than a year. And the waiting was much more terrifying than the actual meeting which passed off rather pleasantly.

7. It was the year of the spectacular return of belly fat.

8. I caught myself breaking into a cold sweat once when I was out on the street and a car backfired. That was the moment when terrorism became real to me.

On a concluding note, I hope that 2009 has less excitement because I really don't think my stomach can stand it. I hope the year's generally less overwhelming than this year has been, and that people can take some time off being happy. And I'm hoping for a worldwide moratorium on firearms. No harm in hoping, right?

To all my friends, readers who have lasted another year and people whom I should call tonight but may be thwarted by forgetfulness, laziness or swamped telephone networks, have a wonderful year ahead. Love and best wishes, S.


ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

And happy New year to you!
Be safe. :)

heh? ok said...

@ toothless wonder
yes i plan to, except i may be done in by overeating :)

Prince of Mirkwood said...

You write really well.
happy new year!

The Footloose Doll said...

Happy New Year. :)

raghu said...

i loved oye lucky :D
dint like das vidanya so much.. though twas too predictable n hate the mumma song :P
lotta good english movies dont come in mumbai is what i realized from reading ur blogpost.. its weird but since i dont stay in mumbai for half the year i really dnt know what releases there but nevertheless i catch most of the movies online :D

i want my sister to get married n have a child as soon as possible! :P

Sim said...

kutti! your blog just saved you from having your head chewed off by me for, a) not replying to messages, b) not wishing me, c)sending a universal mail, d)not returning phone calls! And be glad that by the time you come, i'll be in a super happy mood so will actually receive you with open arms and loads of love, rather than a frown!
Now pleas do call me up, have to fix up for monday! oh you have no idea what i have planned for you for that day!we'll be on a total diili darshan! :) :)

heh? ok said...

@ prince of mirkwood
thank you and have a great year ahead too.

@ the footloose doll
right back at you :)

@ raghu
well it wasn't really an edge of your seat thriller. i guess i enjoyed it because so many of its characters seemed similar to people i know in real life.

@ sim
well guess how much time i spent at midnight on new year's day trying phone numbers, one after the other and getting thoroughly exasperated. hint: more than 30-45 odd minutes. seriously, it's a doomed venture.

probe said...

In terms of cinema, i clearly lived out my passion and indulgence this year. One day i remember clearly was when we both bunked work on a rainy day and saw back to back movies halfway across town! The horrible and torturous Sarkar Raaj, followed by Made of Honor as an anti-dote :)
Yeah, few have troubled me as much as AB junior this year!

Inspite of fate's inevitable malice, this has been a great year in great ways with a zillion good memories.

Anonymous said...

:) god bless

The Footloose Doll said...

I got to know about this plagiarism from Chandani's blog and she's commented on your original post, the one with the weird dream chronicles telling you about the same.

Masood said...

Came across your blog through Chandni's blog.

You write well. Adding you to my blog roll. Cheers.

Masood said...

Oh..and Happy New Year! :)

heh? ok said...

@ lash
thankee and likewise :)

@ the footloose doll
yes i got a few mails about this but looks like the lady in question has removed her blog. i can't find it online.
but thanks for informing me. i'll keep trying to get a hold of the blog.

@ masood
cheers, and thankee very much:)

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