Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They Tag Teamed Me!

Really, they did. Kitkat and Skaty really want me to answer this particular questionnaire, so in the tradition of friendship and other pally feelings, answer them I will. But first, the rules:

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

(Note the imperious 'Cannot refuse'?)

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?
I'd cry quite a bit, and then stop crying and try to get over it. I would probably write a scathing post, but my vendetta wouldn't extend further. But I would take really, really long to get over it. I'm horribly slow at getting over bad things. And I'd wonder endlessly about the woman unlucky enough to be on the other side of the scenario.

2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?
Teaching history (preferably to undergraduates) and writing a book by night. But lately I've been assailed with a serious amount of doubt as to whether I'll ever be able to write something worth reading, and further if it'll be good enough to get published without getting me crucified.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Rabid hate-spewing right wingers, Himesh Reshammiya and some of my clients.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Save up about half of it to invest if and when the markets recover, buy a nice house for myself and one for my sisters, alongwith one in the hills for all three of us, immediately go back to studying and get my Ph.D so I can start a teaching career, and make some serious donations to organizations fighting global warming and providing any kind of aid (educational, legal, medical etc.) to women and girl children. Oh, and I'd buy the boyfriend his dream camera so he could spend his time developing the one talent he truly loves.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I sort of did. With one of my best friends (they number about half a dozen).

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Loving someone helps you know parts of yourself that you'd never have known existed. It's a benediction to be capable of such intensity of emotion and self discovery. But being loved is a balm that renews the soul at every moment. Without having received love of some kind, it is difficult to give love. I conclude that the question is rhetorical. :)

7. How long would you wait for someone you love?
It would depend on why they would want me to wait. If the reason held weight in my opinion, I would wait. But the waiting would be subject to my strong streak of impatience, so I'd probably whine a lot.

8. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?
I'd wonder why he's 'secretly' attached, and in the process I'd get over him.

9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?
Women's causes and the upliftment of the girl child. Also, I'd like to possibly modify the process of adoption and make it as free of hassles as possible.

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Reminiscing about past hurts and pains. I can never seem to stop myself.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years' time?
Hopefully studying and writing, still blogging about randomness and making it possible for my family to live their dreams too. And maybe organizing a blog meet of people I like to read, luring them to attend with the promise of good food.

12. What's your fear?
Being stuck in a hospital for a length of time. I hate those places.

13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are?
I love them both deeply. They are a part of my consciousness, of who I am, and will be a part of my unchangeable truths no matter where I go or what I do. So, yes, they're very nice.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
I'd be married and stretching the meagre finances because I think that the journey depends on who you're in the boat with.

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Look at the time and wonder if I can possibly sleep for ten more minutes (and the answer's always yes).

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?
I don't have the ability to make such a huge emotional investment twice simultaneously.

17. Would you give all in a relationship?
I'd wonder at the quality of the relationship. I'm not a big believer in 'giving all'. You need to hold on to yourself as well, because you're not a unidimensional lovebug. You're a lot of people, and a lot of people need you to be you. Does that make any sense?

18. What's eating you now?
Boredom and irritation at the workplace and the severe lack of time to read the lovely books lying at home.

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
That's like asking if you prefer to breathe with the nose or with both nostrils. You live each phase of your life to the best of your capacity, and do the best you can, whether single or in a relationship. How you are should not change alongwith your relationship status on Facebook.

20. Tag 6 people...
I hate this part. But,
Pinkerton (who will probably ask me for money to visit a cybercafe).
RK (who is a prolific non-poster).
Probe (who is very lazy).
Gits(who is proud aunt to two nougatty nieces now).
Doubletake, Doublethink (who hates tags).
New Age Scheherazade (who I suspect has renounced the world of blogging).

I expect you to sucker yourself at the earliest. Thankee.


Sim said...

oh yiyee!!! you know, if you teach i'll ever be so happy!!! ok so teaching experience not going that great but you see i still feel that every decent and sensible person should be putting in their two bits for the betterment of the education in our country! so cool!
and yaar, stop making us senti!

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...




Yeh tag toh bahut personal hai :(

heh? ok said...

@ sim
in an ideal world, teaching would be the most well paid profession, and i'd be completing my m.phil by now. boohoo.

@ doubletake, doublethink
wahi toh *evil laugh*

ninkita said...


Deepika said...

This is slightly offtrack, but I am a part of a very active google group that shares poetry pretty much everyday and it's such a pleasure to see a Stephen Dunn or Emily Dickinson or Ramanujan delivered in your mailbox every morning. I was a hugely 'prose' person but this changed my perception about poetry entirely. Would you like to be a part of it? Drop in an email at singhdeepika84@gmail.com

heh? ok said...

@ nin
right back, thankee :)

@ deepika
hmm...i've never read ramanujan.. will do, thanks.

probe said...

For a post of such insightful depth, i wonder why you couldn't resist a lie. I'm not lazy :)

Oh yes, heh, isn't it time for the world yet to wake up to your awe-inspiring poetry?

heh? ok said...

@ probe
right, i lied. you're lazier :P

and NO, it isn't time yet. shush.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you got me reading this again... and i understood # 17 - very interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you got me reading this again... and i understood # 17 - very interesting :)

heh? ok said...

@ anon
i'm not sure i understand #17 myself...

Sachin Malhotra said...

Hi, how r u? u have a nice blog..

pls make a visit on my blog and write ur views...

thank you..

heh? ok said...

@ spammer
thanks but i don't like spice in my wallpaper. bad for the walls.

Dreamcatcher said...

Liked and read this one. And oh, loved the last one.

Anonymous said...

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zzzzzz.... said...

um uh where is it?i cant find it!oh plz get rich and buy a house for us 3. ill also get rich and buy us nice huge beds for the rooms.

heh? ok said...

@ dc
we get clever sometimes :)

dear madam,
we hate mass produced comments.

@ zzzzz...
with a billion dollars i'd probably buy the beds too, y'know.

Divya said...

Man u get a lot of spam... its a lovely tag i think ill do it myself.. could relate quite a bit with several questions but i think u answered them better than i ever could :)