Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And She Hit A Ton

Much in the fashion of Rahul Dravid, who seemed to achieve the feat merely by still being around, as opposed to spectacular flamboyance with the bat. So after two years (ack! I forgot!) and a month, the blog finally has its hundredth post up. On this momentous occasion I'd like to thank:

- my office for the wonderful (and free, for me) broadband connection.
- my office for the work that bores me to tears and urges me to blog instead.
- my office for the frosted glass panel near my cubicle which doesn't allow others to read what I'm writing.

Of course, I also thank all those of you who read my rants disguised as cotton candy. I am especially thankful to the ones who actually comment, because let's face it, it's nice to be acknowledged. I don't understand why people get defensive on the subject of their blogs by insisting that they write only for themselves. Sure we write for ourselves, because we (or atleast I) sure as heck need this outlet for whatever kind of gratification that it affords us. But we also write for an audience, and not to acknowledge that very audience is like saying that we breathe because we like to exercise our nostrils. Sure we do.

I've decided not to ramble too much with this post, so let me just write about a few things that made me laugh recently.

Incident 1 - Coffee Shop, The Boy orders an espresso without realizing exactly what it is. So he decides on a mnemonic to remember it for the future.

Me - You ordered an espresso again? You did the same thing yesterday and then had to send it back. How come you forgot so quickly?
The Boy - From now on I'll remember.
Me - How?
TB - E for 'ektu' (a little), E for espresso.

Incident 2 - I met A after more than a year. She's in the country briefly for research, and we met for coffee on Sunday. I whined (as expected) about how stupid some clients are.

Me (really on a roll) - I mean, he's the CEO of a multi-crore construction company and he's dumb as a brick!

In another first, I leave the field open to you with a very generic, and therefore problematic, question. But I'd really like you to answer the question, so atleast give it a shot.

Do bloggers make good authors?


Sim said...

I love it when I am the first to comment!
Ok I love whatever you write and I don't care who you write it for, as long as it remains readable!
and yes, bloggers make god authors especially when they are YOU!! So please get your butt on the chair and start writing the book FAST!

heh? ok said...

@ sim
wah, such validation first thing in the morning! thankee :)

Dreamcatcher said...

I don't know if all bloggers make good authors, but if you wrote a book, I would most definitely buy and recommend :D
Happy 100th post :)

probe said...

Dyslexia needs care. I guess it's people like you that prompted Aamir Khan to make a movie, on people like me. Here's another revelation to light up your effusive century, i though espresso was expresso for a really long time, coz it's express coffee :)

probe said...

You are a Booker waiting to happen, and trust me, i'm waiting as well.

heh? ok said...

@ dc
really? yay! i'm actually making notches in my notebook (seriously). thanks, means a lot.

@ probe
express coffee sounds like a brilliant business proposition. And a booker? now it really does sound like i paid you to write it :P

Perakath said...

You may have forgotten, but in Delhi the Barista/CDD chaps tell you 3-4 times that "Sir, expresso [sic] is simply black coffee." "Sir, black coffee. Do you want any milk with that?"

I liked The Compulsive Confessor's book. No other blogger/person I know did, though.

ninkita said...

Now this is difficult.. how do you want to define 'good'?
Thng is, maybe some people who blog can use it as a kind of sample test before they go ahead with big-heap book.
Let us assume the book is really well written adn lots of people love it and even buy more copies and gift it to other people, adn in teh process our author becomes rich and famous. Nice, happy scenario.
However, whether or not the book or author is 'good' is another matter entirely.
We shall discuss this in detail over a swiss mocha frappe soon.

another brick in the wall said...

"..he's dumb as a brick!"
yo yo.. the world doesn't have to know :P

"Do bloggers make good authors?"
who cares.. you write.. we'll read.. you have enough fans waiting for your first release anyway

heh? ok said...

@ perakath
expresso - the coffee with feelings. heh.

@ ninkita
i mean the sort of book that you would enjoy reading, and would read atleat twice.

@ abw
acha? good. one more notch for me :)

Annesha said...


Then again, if you're contemplating on becoming the next Mr. Bhagat, my sympathy lies with you.

Priyanka said...

there are good bloggers and bad bloggers, and writing regularly is the best way to practice.

you already have my firm faith, whatever that means. do write.

heh? ok said...

@ annesha
rhetorical question, if you will. if i were to take a sheet of paper, wrap it all around myself and then roll around in a pile of dung all day, the resulting 'book' would still not be as bad as a bhagat creation. D'you agree?

@ priyanka
firm faith means good things indeed. thankee :)

DoubleDrats said...

So much of your writing reminds me of Wodehouse. If that's not a good sign then I don't know what is.
What ho!

heh? ok said...

@ doubeldrats
i see your 'What ho!' and raise a 'Cor!' in the style of the inimitable freddie threepwood :)

Divya said...

hey.. congrats on the century. I'am madrasi rascals school friend and a regular reader of your blogs for a more than a year now... thought will tell u that I enjoy reading the blog and u can add me to the list of prospective buyers / fans :)