Monday, November 19, 2007

Long, long overdue

I've been thinking about writing this post for nearly six months now, but laziness always got in my way. So, I've read about a zillion posts on Orkut, on how it is such a royal waste of time, on how the shadiest of characters inhabit its murky depths, on how franship requests are the new weapon of the cyber Romeo etc. Let me say that I agree. Orkut Is a waste of time, because essentially social networking isn't really meant to be Deep and Meaningful. And well, the Romeos have to do something to keep up with the times. But the reason that I don't hate Orkut or even dislike it too many times is because it has brought such joy into my life. Here are some samples.

1. u r awesome ma'am. i am mesmerized and gone crazy after watching yur foto today, kindly accept me as yur frend, or i'll die. in fact even if u dont consider me as a friend,...plzz keep me as yur servant, better as yur slave, or even dog. i'll be happy in life.

I'll never have to look too far for pets. Oh, joy.

2. Hi, howz life? I was just going through your profile n thought I should try to contact you. Well I am trying to make some friendz through Orkut n I guess you would be an ideal match for that. Would you be interested to join my circle of friendz? If you wish to join in get back to me.

Circle of Friendz? I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of being Friendz with Friendz.

3. I am an artist.......... want to be ur friend

Simple and touching, except that jobless heh? ok actually had the time to check out this guy's profile and all his other friends had bare posteriors as their display pictures.

4. hi, jst gone thru your profile and found intresting ... saw your pics too ... hey u knw what u have gotta CUTE FACE .. wanna be frens??? if yes then you can add me into your buddy list my id is you can catch me online most of the time on msnger ... hope to see u there ... if u wanna knw more abt me watch out , keep smiling .. take care girl.

I've gotta cute face. I'll do it as soon as I figure out what that is.

5. hi how r u plz tell about u

About me, I can tell that I don't like telling about me too much.

6. Salam wale khum...
hw r u doing ?I just had a glimpse on yr profile and its really alluring...I know its absulately outlandish to get a unsolicated mail from a stranger(specially from a male), which I am so sure u found it so sleazy and fudge. I am so sorry miss !!! As most of the guys do the same thing for wooing females even I am not doing something really special but I couldn't find any other way to approach you.Condife me!! nothing just that I want to know you as a person and a true human being.Rest all upto to you to decide
whether I am the right person to reply or not..Candidly,I will be rejoice and delighted if u reply and cummunicate with me further..where r u from and what r u doing ? Just a little more introduction..
I am craveing to see yr response miss...
Take care of yrself and allah hafiz !!
Flaunt this sparking and glossy smile on yr face forever......
Cheers !!

Sleazy and fudge? Still blinking.

Apart from these poesies, Orkut has also ingrained in me a deep sense of community, or communities, like these ones.

1. Friendship is something very important in everyones lives......but can a friendship with opposite sex lead to a loveship????

sometimes this happens...........when ur friend become very trusty u will fall in love with him/her.........this happens in everyones life.........

Has It happened to You? And You? What about You?

2. SEX IS MOST SACRED THING OF THE WORLD becoz it can bring new life , it is gud expression of love BUT sex is very bad , if doing for just enjoying - without love and when know that marrige will absolutly not possible,, so join the community and save the world from become hell.

I've just been saved from eternal damnation. Please pitch in to save the world.

Now I must get back to earning my living, but the next time you're tempted to badmouth Orkut, I implore you to take a moment, and remember the endless joys, the simple pleasures of social networking, franship and community.


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

the sleaze and fudge thing was brilliant... and save the world from become hell? haha.

this post is sacred.

probe said...

Now that is what you call an honest and genuine Statement of Purpose. I will be "rejoice" if i can manage such heartfelt emotion in my words. Damn!

heh? ok said...

@ doubletake, doublethink
doesn't it sound like some sort of chocolatey dessert concoction?

@ probe
we may not always achieve, but we must aspire :P

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

if it was a dessert then the world couldn't possibly be hell. *feels enlightened*

koshman said...

good one. orkut has brought joy and fraandship to countless lives. Remember the "Myself Dxxxxh, wanting to do fraanship with you?". That was one classic example of orkut-talk.

arunabh said...

And what does a not-so-random comment qualify as - 'endless joy' or 'simple pleasure' :-?

heh? ok said...

@ koshman
ah well, every country has its own language.

@ arunabh
see now, if this had been a franship request, your question would have been so much easier to answer.

zzzzzz.... said...

orkut could not ask for a better spokesperson.someone who has attracted such brilliant,moral minds to herself.good.keep it up.orkut will also be rejoice.

heh? ok said...

@ zzzzzz
hmm.. maybe they should pay me. interesting thought.

Saltwater Blues said...

hey S ... kaisa hai?

speedpost said...

sleazy and fudge. hehehehehehe.
no seriously. how in the world does that happen? no no wait. it does.
someone on orkut offered to feel my "haeven spot" not elaborating further...

ad libber said...

fudge? fudge? why fudge? Always thought fudge was one of the reasons one wants to live.

Brilliant post!

heh? ok said...

@ swb
acha hai, acha hai. aur tum kaisa hai, E?

@ speedpost
heaven spot? i is shocked. shocked.

@ ad libber
inversion. i've developed an aversion for fudge sundaes.