Monday, November 12, 2007


Getting hit on the head (metaphor, people) is a definitive experience in everyone's life. That is one of the Great Truths of life. In fact, some people would have you believe that it is The Great Truth of life, the one which makes the others pale in comparison. These people are either spiritual gurus or writers of bad fiction. All of us wait expectantly to get hit on the head, even as we go about our daily lives. We hand out advice about it to everyone around us, regardless of whether our own experience has qualified us to have any insights on it. It is everyone's universal PhD degree, because everyone knows.

So I got hit on the head. It plonked my cerebrum on Diwali night, and I can still see stars. Now I must talk about it, obviously, and you may indulge me by listening.

My learning so far.

1. It really is the best feeling in the world. They cannot say that too many times.

2. I've always been a giggler. Every silly little thing makes me laugh. Now this attribute has been magnified. I grin all the time, at strangers who stare back at me, wondering.

3. It makes you stop caring about the fact that if you grin at strangers, they will consider you insane. How on earth does it matter anyway?

4. It is the most effective security blanket in the world, and because of that it makes you a much calmer person.

5. Paradoxically, it is also terribly exciting.

6. It makes you look at yourself differently, more kindly. I mean, if you're nice enough for someone to actually hit you on the head, you must be quite a special person.

7. It makes you want to hug everyone, even your nitpicking landlady at times.

Now I must stop smiling and get down to more mundane things, like wondering what to have for lunch. Or maybe I can keep smiling.

P.S.: - I've been hit on the head in the literal sense twice so far. Once when I was a couple of months old and my sister dropped me on my head (gasp!) and another time when a tree branch fell squarely on my head outside the Fabindia outlet at Khar. I see the light of understanding dawning into your eyes. That's right, I'm not strange for no reason.


probe said...

Did i not ask you to wear a helmet?
and hooked up bloggers never really have a healthy readership. Take it from me.

heh? ok said...

@ probe
what? really? my readership will dry up now? how, but how will i survive this? :)

koshman said...

no, no its not :P

by the looks of it you got bumped pretty hard !! hahaha.

polar said...

The last few posts in my feed reader have been a series of bumps towards a (hopefully) serendipitous climax, especially considering I happen to subscribe to two blogs that have cast increasingly less furtive glances at each other in the past few days.
Resisting the temptation to leap to conclusions, I will wait to see how this unfolds. Fun ahead, I would hope.

Great blog, by the way.

-long time lurker

heh? ok said...

@ koshman
well, stop being smug. we'll laugh when you get hit on your noggin.

@ polar
long time lurker, thank you for coming out of the lurk-closet. and maybe the unfolding will be kept away from the blog, who knows? *airy sigh*

ninkita said...

ooer, that was exciting! i'd have expected a bit about the broom that bonked instead of doing its mandatory sweeping, but heck, i already said all that in my head, so i'll consider the bad puns written and read! ;)

heh? ok said...

@ ninkita
ah, kindness :)

raghu said...

i wish i was smarter. :(

heh? ok said...

@ raghu
i cannot get more obvious, really.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

the posts just get warmer and fuzzier. and i've just found out that if you're a Romantic in Hiding, you tend to grin insanely at these fuzzy posts, just like the writer, because you're happy the epidemic claimed another victim.

But lets not tell anyone that. i quite like being thought a stoic.

heh? ok said...

@ doubletake, doublethink
so how many people actually buy the stoic act? :)

new age scheherazade said...

haha.haha. I knew it!!
and there is still hope for me, because you must have been after the black knight on his too-fast white horse too, right?
All Rise-The Hopeless Romantics Club has just had a member hooked!
I love posts like this.

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
i believe i had an honourable mention in that club. and i'm not too fond of horses or tinpot armour, but yes, i admit to being full of gooey saccharine underneath. actually, i'm pretty transparent, most people see the gooey saccharine at first sight.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

not many :(

ankita anand said...

more smiles

heh? ok said...

@ ankita
contagious grin epidemic alert!