Monday, September 10, 2007


I've noticed that I adhere to very set structures while writing. So there has to be a beginning, a middle and an end. There have to be paragraphs, there has to be accurate punctuation. The tenses have to be consistent, the spelling has to be correct. When I'm cooking, the vegetables have to be cut into an even size, the spices have to be just so, the salt has to be that many grains and not one more. Obsessive Compulsive? Let's not answer that. This post shall try to do without structure. Or is the absence of structure some sort of structure in itself? Aaaargh...

I hate Murphy. He decreed that the day you decide that the rains are over and you can wear your favourite kurta that you had washed and ironed with your own two hands, the monsoon gods will be in a playful mood. Not only that, when you manage to do the whole train changing routine and land up at your station, the Railways will choose that very day to seal off and repair one of the exits. So the whole of humanity will have to go out the other way, a presumptuous and foul smelling woman will scratch the living daylights out of your kurta and your pretty Pakistani kolhapuris will have to tread on garbage (and I mean garbage) to get to the office. People smell so very bad, and there just has to be an open garbage dump to add to the sea of olfactory nuisances.

They will tell you that with time, it'll get better. They'll tell you that as the years go by, the hurt will lessen till it barely exists anymore. They say a lot of things about time being the greatest healer. Nine times out of ten, they'll be right. But what they won't tell you is that there's always a tenth time. They can't possibly tell you that there will be moments when the pain will stage such a spectacular comeback that you'll feel like you've been punched in the stomach, that you'll struggle to keep your hurt from becoming audible to the other people that you share your room with. They may be right for most days of the year, but they aren't there with you when time takes away its protective cover. They won't see you almost calling some of them, looking for solace, a listen, or just a hug, because every time you will look at some of their numbers flashing on your phone and then decide not to call. It's better to leave the awkwardness out of relationships. Not better maybe, but definitely easier.

You will have a moment of epiphany when you will realize that the reason your problems have such long lives is that while most people wrestle their demons, you nurse yours.

Then you will decide to redeem the promise you made to yourself three years ago, and will join up for dancing lessons. After spending two hours realizing that snails can probably jive better than you can, you will undertake to come back for the salsa version of embarrassment the next weekend. As a reward, your calf muscles and your back will spend their time reminding you of your adventure at every waking moment.

There. Almost no structure, except for the paragraphs. Ah well, one can't change one's spots. Especially if one has just decided that spots are in.


Toothlesswink said...

Writing can be as much pleasure and pressure..neat post.

probe said...

looks like you can toss up a good meal apart from a really good post.
make it more frequent, it'll leave lesser time for the 'tenth' time :)

heh? ok said...

@ toothlesswink
not pressure as much as this whiny nag in my head who won't shut up.

@ probe
i always knew you were an astute one. :P Sigh. alright. I shall try.

speedpost said...

but there is structure(apart from the paragraphs, i mean). structure created by the absence of it.
great post. but 'mera gown, mera dress' is still a classic.

ninkita said...

(read above as 'rsprrrrrrrrrrrrrr')
dunno why, but it sounded likely :D

heh? ok said...

@ speedpost

@ nin
it also sounded feline.

Anonymous said...

yeah....dunno what to say except huggy!

Anonymous said...

while most wrestle their demons, some choose to run away and hide. if only they realize that a fair bit of patience could've saved them and others a lot of time and hurt. however, the truth is difficult to see when they are blinded by a blanket of misconceptions or wrongful assumptions. if only they wake up to the fact in time and face what they should.

some people intend to keep the people and not the wounds. unfortunately, the cut is too deep to heal and the wounds stay open forever. unfortunately, these people mean a lot to them and are worth the pain that arises from these wounds. it is not always about nursing the sadness, it is about nursing the memories. some people choose to live by them; the bitter end doesn't matter, it's the sweet journey that was that they plan to cherish. it's their way of keeping alive what others feel is dead and rotten. it was beautiful while it lasted.

the moron

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

structured or not, your blog entries will always be alive. and loved. and, if possible, hugged.

new age scheherazade said...

structure or no structure, i like.

have you been having a Jonah day? you know, the tenth time just takes a bit longer. okay, maybe a lot longer, but it does go away.

(even exams do, which i have tomorrow.)

Jyoti said...

nice one! i appreciate your sense of writting!

heh? ok said...

@ anon
right back at you.

@ the moron
i've stopped thinking.

@ doubletake, doublethink
awwww. that IS nice.

@ new age scheherazade
i know it, but it will be some time before i believe it.

@ jyoti
thank you.