Monday, August 27, 2007

Sweet Oblivion

I want to write this one in third person.

So there was This Girl (TG) who had recently moved to a new city, and being a bit of an emotional fool, spent most of her time feeling homesick. The people at work decided that the time was ripe for everyone to take a little trip together. TG vacillated, as was her wont, but in an uncharacteristic moment of optimism, she decided to go along with the plan. Now the thing with TG is that whenever she has done things that were out of character in the past, she's ended up with a little bit of figurative egg on her face. But this time turned out a little bit differently.

The onward journey itself went off alright. She looked out of the bus window, and as usual the unending variety of the word 'green' kept her occupied for most of the five odd hours. On getting there a game of throwball took place, which served mostly to reinforce her strong conviction that if there was anything that was meant for her to catch, she would most definitely drop it. It was in the evening that things started to get interesting. TG was surrounded by intoxicating fluids all around, and in keeping with her left-liberal political leanings, got a little too friendly with the intoxicant from the land of Lenin. What happened after that is a little hazy in her memory, but the rest of the people were supremely entertained. Apparently she went and talked to everybody (and I mean everybody), kicked a lot of people, cackled, simulated dance movements and also fell down into the mud in the process.

The next morning they all made their way down to the lake. TG doesn't know how to swim, so she was content to wear a life jacket and float about in the shallows. But the rest of the company had other ideas. After successfully resisting all lures for about three hours, she was taken in by a devious ploy and ended up in the middle of a twelve foot deep lake. It was quite an experience, suspended in endless water, watching fat drops of rain splattering all around. The rain also meant that no pictures were taken, so now she has no proof that it actually happened. But there are moments in your life when every pore of you is glad to be alive, and this was one of those. Also, because of her inability to swim, The Boss had to lug her and swim back upstream for a good ten minutes or so. The next time they won't be quite so keen in her facing her fears. Muahahaha.

The night was a slightly sobered down version of the previous evening. There was no more falling down, but there was a lot of good music and company that kept her up till the wee hours. Atleast, that is what she thinks happened. Mostly she doesn't remember. This information was gleaned from secondary sources. Then it was back to reality the next day.

So now here's reality. Its raining, and there's not much to do, so she's telling long, pointless stories again. And I'm sick of third person. Makes me sound like a complete ditsy do-head.


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

hahaha i LOVED this post, mostly because vodka has the same effect on me, i end up talking shit. sounds like the trip was fun :)

probe said...

that's a sweet hangover, and a pretty enviable experience at the lake!

heh? ok said...

@ doubletake, doublethink
it was fun, except that now everyone at work gives me dubious smiles. And there are pictures.

@ probe
i agree about the lake. the hangover's many manifestations are still playing themselves out.

akhila said...

hmmm...somebody is hvin a whole lotta fun!!! hehehe reminds me of other stories hehehe ;D

new age scheherazade said...

That Girl has a LOT of fun. don't know about the friends, though.

Ranjit said...

The city change doesn't seem to have done much for TG, at least as far as intoxicants are concerned :P

Clezevra said...

the name of the blog's nice... it definitely strikes a chord!

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
i am having a lot of fun even now, weeks after the incident. i'm enjoying the utter ruin of my reputation.

@ ranjit
some things shouldn't change; they're sacred.

@ clezevra
it is my pre-breakfast mantra.