Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mera Gown, Mera Dress

Yesterday was my country's sixtieth birthday. For me, it was a chance to catch up on some sleep. Don't get me wrong. I'm as concerned about where this country's headed as the next person is; maybe even a little bit more than most people. But I don't get very charged up about watching speeches on television and then being force-fed advertisements about how every major company on this planet is running purely in order to benefit India. And then my old disease makes a comeback. I'm talking about irreverence. Let me give you an instance.

Yesterday all the television channels were choc-a-bloc with programmes extolling our nation's greatness and I was laughing through it all. What kept flashing in my mind was this slapsick show that used to come on television a long time ago. It used to consist of parodies of famous Hindi films. It wasn't particularly sophisticated comedy, but then I've never been much of a sophisticate, and anyone who knows me will readily attest to my predilection for laughing (loudly) at just about everything, and sometimes nothing at all. Phew. Long sentence.

My favourite episode in this series was a parody of Mera Gaon, Mera Desh. As you may have guessed, the parody was titled "Mera Gown, Mera Dress". It had a Dharmendra prototype discovering an ancestral gown and then deciding to wear only that for the rest of his life. I crack up every time I remember that strapping gentleman in a ghastly velvety blue gown, exclaiming lustily,"Aaj se mera gown mera dress hai". I was laughing all of yesterday as well. I guess after sixty years, people should be able to be irreverent about serious things like freedom as well. It'll be a healthy counterforce to all the fake jingoism that masquerades in the guise of patriotism these days.

P.S.: - I really wish that a day would come when I would stop whining, but I don't think that it's ever gonna happen. My latest gripe is this nagging feeling that I'm living a half life. It just doesn't go away.


Differently Challenged said...

exactly my thoughts...I was thinking of blogging about it yesterday, but couldn't express myself. I wish I could write like u!
P.S. [i know it's late] Welcome to B'bay!

another brick in the wall said...

fuck! i'd missed this one.. tho i do remember "cholay" and "the war".. also there was a spoof of saudagar but i dunno its name :S

heh? ok said...

@ differently challenged
thanks :) and to write like me, you'll have to be me. trust me, it isn't worth the trouble.

@ brick
it was sauda kar or something. don't remember.

probe said...

I was looking for the right word for a long time. half life, now seems it. Perfect.
Cheers and write sooner.

heh? ok said...

@ probe
about writing sooner, i will if you will. muahahaha :P

ninkita said...

no, no!! do not Ever make even slightly apologetic remarks about whining.

speedpost said...

"mera gown mera dress"--atleast there was a television world without vermillioned princesses with memory losses and myriad husbands and vamp mother-in-laws with fake eyelashes.... those were the days...

Priyanka Kumar said...

aha, another upholder of levity. you can whine all you want as long as you keep up the irreverence. we need a lot of that nowadays. that, and political incorrectness.

heh? ok said...

@ nin
one of the many reasons why i love you is because you say things like this.

@ speedpost
you said it. i'd take asinine comedy over synthetic sorrows anyday.

@ priyanka
i only uphold levity when i have a headache. and yes, i agree. we need to be insouciant.

heh? ok said...

@ priyanka again
i meant the opposite. headaches make me serious.

new age scheherazade said...'re right. but then a sense of humour is so rare, and impossible to acquire, i think.
thank god you've got a bloody good one.

and 'mera gown mera desh'? hilarious? was this doordarshan? i'd say India shining THEN.

loved the post, voldemort.

pankaj said...

i admire the american habit of making fun of thier presidents and also religious is indicative of a system which is secure in itself

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
i shudder to think what one seventh of a life must be like. anyway, thank you. and this was in the early days of star plus, before the invasion of the regressed household.

@ pankaj
i think people who laugh at themselves are a rarity the world over. more's the pity.

Loonie said...

I'm so glad to find that there were(are) people who appreciated that show. I have fond memories of my Dad and I sharing a few laughs every week..sigh.. I find it hard to remember the name of that show though.. can anybody help me out here? Also, if anyone can get their hands onto those videos online..pls share.. that'd be just fabulous!