Thursday, June 21, 2007

Notes From A Homebody

I love coming back home. There's no other feeling that quite compares with the experience of entering Shillong city after the cab ride from Guwahati. Every time I come here I feel like I've been away for centuries, and I never, ever want to go back. The colours are fuller, everything has a richer texture, be it food, or drink, sleep, or rain. It just feels like more.

My grandma has been feeding me non-stop since I got here. She keeps telling me that I've wasted away to nothing and now I look like a plank of wood. I feel like a tragic figure in some terribly maudlin book every time she says that, but it has its compensations. She's been outdoing herself in the kitchen in a bid to fatten me up, and that is saying something.

The little sister is growing up, and trying her best to be complicated. I feel like telling her sometimes that its alright to be an adolescent while you're at the right age, instead of trying to get the whole world to take you seriously. There's enough time for that. And its always easier to get the world to laugh with you instead of sulking and hoping to be miraculously understood. But I suppose that life is a better teacher than anyone else can ever be.

I've realized that I'm essentially a domestic cow. No matter how far away I go, or what I do, I'll never really be at peace till I'm home again. Darn. I'd hoped that I'd turn out to be more interesting. Anyway, lunch awaits (masala stuffed fish...yummylicious), and I better get home before it starts to rain again and I get drenched. Toodle-oo!


suk said...

well.. home's where the heart is normally i guess.. and man shillong seems beautiful.. merkeo aana hai :S.. ah well.. enjoy home food till u can.. hav fun and come 2 mumbai soon :)

Forced_Ambitions said...

Ye Sach hai mujh ko Aqal ne Kuch pukhtagii to dii..
Lekin woh mazza kahan k jo nadaniyon main thaa.

pukhtagi => maturity

Cheers !!

new age scheherazade said...

It's strange, being so much like someone else. because I am just as much a domestic cow; that is if you went and tied me to a post in algeria, I would munch my way back for sure. no bed is as comfortable, no house is as welcoming, no TV remote is so perfectly molded to my hand.
yet another wow post.

raghu said...

yes yes laab home!

heh? ok said...

@ suk
you must come here sometime. i get so happy here.

@ forced ambitions
true. cheers to you too.

@ new age scheherazade
i told suk the same thing about you the other day, believe it or not.

@ raghu
yes yes, good for you.

probe said...

there's a lot of things in this post that i love, it seems the beauty of shillong is rubbing of on your words.
return to madness,

probe said...

off :)

new age scheherazade said...

you told him i'm a homebody? how'd you know? anyway, looks like I got a very good score on the SAT(that's what the others say), but my homebodyness will probably keep me here.

another brick in the wall said...

no anasuaaa.. she told me u seem very much like her whn she was 17.. i think she sees her childhood when she sees u.. hmm :P.. ok sangy's gonna slap me now :P

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

home's like the sony tag line.
Like no other.

I love to travel, but I like coming back the best. And right now I feel so much like a fish out of the water - quite literally, cause the monsoon is a huge piece of the colage that makes the memory of my childhood, and I'm stuck here.

The ponds, the water, the sound of water on water, the tadpoles, the fireflies and thick mud giving way under my feet.


Sparsh said...

This is my first monsoon at my new home(though it's not really a 'monsoon'-that happens only in India), but I can easily say it is not quite the same. I love the wet smell of the soil so much at home that I always wanted to eat it, never did. next time, I sure will make up for the loss. Happy holidaying:)...

dobereinerr said...

A la la la long
A la la la long
There seems nothing quite like Shillong...!
Cept for apna Konkan :)

heh? ok said...

@ probe
yes, its nice that you corrected your spelling.

@ newage s
yes suk seems to have clarified it, so rest easy and stay home. congratulations about the SATs, though.

@ suk
you stop blabbing.

@ toothless wonder and sparsh
ah, nostalgia. enjoy.

@ dobereinner
never been to konkan, so will agree or disagree later.