Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm Writing, Yet Again

Third post in a week, and if you're thinking that I seriously need to get a life, you're probably right. Anyway, I have absolutely nothing to do, and it'll be two hours before The Sister gets back from work. Also, I realized that since we're leaving the guesthouse tomorrow, I won't have access to the righteous wi-fi network here anymore, so I may as well blog while its relatively easy.

And what do I want to say? Well, it rained here today, not half-hearted drizzle, but real rain. And its still nice and cloudy, hours after the rain stopped. Delhi does have its charms sometimes. I will miss it quite a bit, now that the Big Move to Bombay is more or less imminent. Its been quite an experience; these last five years in Delhi. College, University, Bachelor's, Master's, friends who became family, heat, food, drink, late nights, monuments, rain, little things, big things, walking, walking and walking, and so much talking. Phew.

The person in the room next to mine plays music really loud. Most of the time that isn't a very happy situation, but thankfully my anonymous neighbour has decent taste in music (no Himesh as yet). Speaking of Himesh, I cannot believe that anybody spent over a hundred crore rupees on making a film with a nasal, out of tune guy in a cap romancing a very toothy girl who may not even be legal age yet. Getting back, I was in the shower today (and one of you is about to ask for a video clip. Pray, don't, that joke has been dead and buried for some time now), when I heard this song. I haven't listened to it in ages, and yet it resonates in the lives of a lot of people I know right now. And I was also reminded of how much I love this song.

I've still got sand
In my shoes,
And I can't
Shake the thought of you.
I should get on,
Forget you,
But why would
I want to?
I know we've said
Anything else would've
Been confused, but
I wanna see you
- Dido, "Sand In My Shoes".

This song is for all those of you who realize that sometimes, being stupid is the wiser choice to make. And those of you who've made that choice, and had enough integrity to admit it, you have my complete admiration.


another brick in the wall said...

1. i have stopped askin for videos long time back and i dare anyone else ask u tht.. tell them to face me.. grrr :P

2. i had 2 hear himes bhai for 3 hrs straight today.. dont take his name.. i'll kill someone for sure

3. stupidity doesnt necessarily help.. well.. at least not the person committing the same.. not only for the obvious reasons.. but also for many unstated ones.. ah well.. all said and done.. just face wats to come.. now no choice

oh.. i like dido :)

heh? ok said...

@ brick
i don't like points. and stupid is as stupid does :P

another brick in the wall said...

lets not get into discussing stupidity too much yaa.. reputations at stake here :P

oh.. writing in points is an old habit tht i've been carrying since my school days.. the teacher knows exactly what i wanna say n i dont mislead her.. thts y i never got misleading marks.. gave me just wat i deserved or less! see.. even she thinks clearly then n doesnt miss anythng :P

new age scheherazade said...

it does help. and those who can admit it ARE blessed.
sometimes you're SO wow. loved this post.

akhila said...

will miss u!!!

heh? ok said...

@ brick
you should have tried my tactic of long-winded sentences and subterfuge. always got me more than i deserved.

@ new age sheherazade
teehee. thankee :)

@ akhila
i'm trying not to think about it :(

probe said...

when in doubt, return to madness.

heh? ok said...

@ probe
my secret did you guess?

raghu said...

which soap? no soap?

and mumbai na?
bola bhi nahi.. now dnt say pocha bhi nahi!

raghu said...

and and and.. himes will remove his cap during the movie!
thats theeee scene man cant miss it..whoa! im soo nervous to see his face...oh my god!

another brick in the wall said...

yeah tried tht once.. they flunked me.. god i was a horrible student :S

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

This too shall pass.
Good friends stick, however hard you try to shake them off.
And the world is such a small place, you know.. I once met a few guys from college on the streets in Vatican.

Divya said...

I so love the rain... the main reason i want to stay back in bombay and not go to college is the rains tht i will miss bak thr...

Stupidity.. I've been an ardent believer in it for quite a while.. it can help u in ways that sense simply cannot... and absolutely concur with probe :)

heh? ok said...

@ raghu
sigh. ab toh pata chal gaya na.

@ tooothless wonder
hehe, that must have been some surprise. yes, i realise that this shall pass, i'm quite excited about the move. just sometimes there's a wee lil twinge, y'know?

@ divya
come to shillong if you wanna see real rain, absolutely amazing. and yay for stupid!

dobereinerr said...

I guess this is the first time am commenting here.
Wat else to say... Am stupid, n proud of it :)

N welcome to Mumbai in edvance. Ijjat badhne wali mere pyari city ki :)

heh? ok said...

@ dobereinerr
nope this isn't your first time, i think. and bahut shukriya, badi meherbani :)