Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just Because I Can

R: de de da de doo de de dum de de dum
Me: tell me about it :)
R: are you looking good, and feeling fine?
Me: i'm looking alright and feeling benign
R: is it feeling benign, and not feeling fine (in the song?)
Me: it is fine in the song, i believe
R: hmm... tres bien
Me: except most days i have malignant feelings towards atleast one person
R: i seem to be getting there -- yesterday i growled at colleague, and day before i shooed away a surd boy who came to the office
Me: did you growl at him on racial grounds? or coz he was there?
R: eh.. growled at colleague cos for the 5th day in a row i was opening the door for him - turned out he was just being lazy and not pulling his access card out of his bag. today pal used his access card to get into the office
Me: my god, that is probably the saddest non issue i've heard of in a long time
R: haha... i know whats happening to me?
Me: you need a couple of real problems
R: no but see the point is when you are given an access card, use the damn thing. there is no need for your colleagues to trot across to the door every day because ur too lazy to pull it out of your bag. its a different matter if you've lost it or were never given one, or on occassion left it at home. but intentionally not pulling it out everyday because you think kind ol r will let you in warrants a growl
Me: next time just smile and wave at him and ignore it
R: now there won't be a next time -- today he used his access card. yesterday i was like "what happened to your access card? did you loose it?" and he was like "no, its with me, in my bag."
Me: arre. you should wave and smile. terrific comedic potential
R: anyway surd guy -- the kind turning 13 and with sprouting facial hair -- was coming from some computer hardware company and wanted to meet admin incharge. who was truly not in the office. he refulsed to leave and i was like "jaa... abhi koi nahi hai"
Me: okay. and?
R: and then i turned my back on him and trotted off... i guess he left after that cos its the last i saw of him... muhahahaha... i'm so evil
Me: you're just anger let loose on the streets, aren't you?
R: i have less and less patience with small things like these....
Me: ah. bombay is getting to you.
This conversation just made me extremely nostalgic for the days of yore. You know, yore. When access cards were not even the last things on our minds.


speedpost said...

Those were the days. See this is why I shall never procreate. I'll need access cards to enter my kid's bedroom. And if you're similarly interested in other vague conversations you should check out my last post. I'm still unsure as to why I put it up.

R said...

i sound like an old hag yearning for the days when life was simpler. sheesh.. yes, the good ol days of yore. if i ever have children, and if they ever have access cards to their bedroom, it will probably take mundu man to take them down.

Abhinav said...

ah. bombay is getting to you.
*chuckles* :-)

Dreamcatcher said...

I'm moving to Delhi. I gather you lived there. Any suggestions ?

heh? ok said...

@ speedpost
ah yes, your conversation was suitably vague. but more than that i loved your chat names.

@ r
face it, we're both old hags.

@ abhinav
it is indeed getting to us. this is ab infuriatingly silly place.

@ dreamcatcher
loads. shop for the gorgeous cotton clothes by the armloads. carry sunscreen and water, always. pig out on the exquisite food and the beyond wonderful aloo tikki chaat. go make a pilgrimage to JNU and eat all you can. go to all the old delhi sites, they are worth braving the heat for. do not believe landlords who promise you 24/7 electricity and water. if you're renting, insist on an air cooler. carry pepper spray. phew. and be happy.

Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

thank god for vague conversations.

Abhinav said...

The first line with the de de and dum dums reminds me of a song doing the rounds of the radio stations currently. It has dum da dum in it. I'm not a great fan of the current beat-it-up Bollywood music but I love to sing that motif every time it appears in the song.

heh? ok said...

@ doubletake,doublethink
yeah i heartily second that. it's like floating in the middle of a river with a lifejacket on, but only just.

@ abhinav
that song? it ALWAYS plays when i'm in the loo (we have piped radio music in our office ALL THE TIME). I associate it with flushing.

Abhinav said...

JLT, my library has eight of the 13 books in ur library at LibraryThing. And you've read Gora! That's one of Tagore's haute novels, of the sort of philosophical novels done by Mann and Lessing. I absolutely love the strife of identity that Tagore captured there. Essential writing at its best!

heh? ok said...

@ abhinav
thanks for reminding me to update my library. It's been a while. and i'm rather uncritical of Tagore. i've loved everything i've read by him.

Dreamcatcher said...

That would be a God send. I'll mail you soon to ask :)

probe said...


heh? ok said...

@ dc

@ probe
excuse me, what?