Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things I Want To Say

I hate exams. I wish they'd never been imagined. I hate fertile imaginations which dream up things like making people give exams, instead of letting them blog in peace. I'm sick of professors who behave like their papers are the only greenery that populates the vast, arid desert that is my life. I'm also sick of professors who don't behave like that, because they make you slog anyway. In short, I'm not very fond of the teaching community right now.

I want to get far away from all this. I want to go have a look at Ireland, to see if I can find me a leprechaun (no, I'm not angling for his gold. Have a little sense of adventure, and tone down the cynicism a little bit). I want to see if the green hurts my eyes, so used to having dust blown into them at regular intervals.

I like tea. I also like Maaza. But I have to stop drinking one right after gulping down the other. It sends my tummy into the most ridiculous spasms, like my stomach is laughing mockingly at my shocking gastronomic sense.

I hate it when I'm not allowed to talk. I also hate it when I can talk and I have absolutely nothing to say. I just want to make meaningful conversation with my mirror for an hour everyday, where my reflection and I can constructively debate the nature of existence and the meaning of being.

I dislike the fact that Maya and Grumpus (the dogs) are so horribly obvious about the fact that they're in love. Inspite of that, Maya has to be a coquette and make eyes at the two other poor dogs who keep glancing at her with such expectation in their eyes. Those two are all over each other...blech.

I am sick of the mess that my room is in. I haven't cleaned in three days and its driving me insane. I'm also really scared of this Monica-ness that seems to be getting rather too persistent these days.

I absolutely detest the fact that I'm blogging at a cybercafe. How the mighty have fallen! I also am sick of the persistent "I must be a nice girl" complex that has ruled me for all my life. I will be the meanest one in town now. Enough. If I'm bored of me, I cannot even imagine what the rest of my acquaintances must go through everyday.

Also, I hate the fact that I've written a post about absolutely nothing. It seems to me to be a reflection of the times to come which will guessed it...absolutely nothing.

Oh, and I'm sick to death of Orkut, but some weird nag in my head, who sounds quite like Janice (too many FRIENDS allusions, you say? Its my space mister. If you don't like it, beat it) keeps telling me not to delete my profile.

And I'm sick of being called Sangy/ Sangee/ Sangeeeeeeeee. Its too nice. I'm gonna be called Roberta Flack from now on. No Bobby or Bob. Roberta Flack. Full name always. Let's see how you dress that up.


raghu said...

sanju baba?
sangeeta das?

bindiya said...

hmmmm....hota hain exam ki time pe sab ko aisahi hota hain...but some can express it,some can't. and u can do it so successfully that i start enjoying this dull time also....
m i making any sense??

akhila said...

my net wrkin!! so i am commentin...i agree life sucks rite now!!! u atleast will get out of this mode soon. i will be here for another three months and then several more yrs!!! u are one sensible cookie ms roberta flack!

Anonymous said...

hello ms. roberta flack! meself champak bhumiya from timbacktoo who is the daughter of dhurendra bharbharekar! would you like fraandsheeps with me?
really what you need right now is a relaxful break like spending the whole day at someone's place doing nothing but reading books, no talking to anyone and away from the net!
the house is open re, come any time and just relax! maybe even take a tub bath with relaxing salts, duckies and a champagne glass!
look, the world is actually quite beautiful under all that crap you know! it takes just a little effort to discover that!

heh? ok said...

@ raghu

@ bindiya
glad it helps somebody.

@ akhila
only the one who wears the shoe understands its pinch, eh?

@ anon
i will come, sob.

Ranjit said...

i agree with you, Roberta.

U need a good long break, away from this.. don't worry, its just around the corner...

raghu said...

omg..theek theek.. miss sangeeta das! :S

Quicksilver! said...

I like the sound of Roberta Flak. Very posh!;)

pankaj said...

welcome back to blogging world sangy bhai. to say two dogs love each other is like trying to dress a dog in a shirt and shorts. i'm not sure if romantic love is a doggie concept.

youre a very charming writer btw

heh? ok said...

@ raghu
its miss roberta flack.

@ ranjit
its the longest corner of my life.

@ quicksilver
pity no one seems to be taking my new name seriously.

@ pankaj
thank you. i think grumpus would beg to differ with you, though.

arunabh said...

Wow! this was arbit, completely arbit ! Fun nevertheless :p
Bumped upon ur blog after wht can b truly termed a longish longish time. Loads of updates ( atleast by my standard). Read it all at one go though cudn't manage commenting upon all of them at one go... too many to handle. So commenting upon the latest .. quite fun reading all of them.
Orkut is so much vellagiri.. depressing ir otherwise ;)

heh? ok said...

@ arunabh
arbit? that is pretty definitive of me and most other people, i think.

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

In all that semi-angst, Ireland makes sense. Though the leprechauns may surprise you. Randy buggers.

heh? ok said...

@ aqc
i don't use words lightly, but seriously, roflmao....i cannot believe that you looked for sense in that balderdash. and good to see you again, its been a while.

new age scheherazade said...

You're funny even when you're depressed. amazing, na? I bet the leprechauns would welcome a fellow-kisser-of-the-blarney-stone.(or am i mixing my metaphors?)
oh, and don't leave orkut.think of the long long hours AFTER the exams when you'll have NOTHING whatsoever to do.

heh? ok said...

@ new age scheherazade
its actually quite sad. but you're right, i'm sticking with orkut. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

another brick in the wall said...

oh god i missed this place.. am back and i shall make my presence felt no doubt! :D

exams are fun.. i dunno.. i hate them whn i'm giving them.. but the moment i step outta them.. ntn like it.. i luv exams.. ts the time whn all us friends actually hav most of the fun.. i luv exams.. it deprives me of so many things.. that they tend to bring the best outta me (or so i feel) once they are done with!

i wanna go on a nice long bike ride or even a cycle ride for that matter.. all by myself.. am buyin a cycle btw.. in a few days! i miss cycling.. its one of the best things in the world!

oh.. tea and mazaa.. rita does that too! but her stomach's accustomed to it i guess.. she never complaints! :)

i luv to talk.. and i kno u do too.. i love to make u listen to me forcibly over the phone.. hehe.. then u try 2 find ur voice.. and i again frustrate ur effort.. its fun :P

dogs used to hate me.. now they dont care bout me.. hmph! i dont care bout them either!

oh.. i like to royally mess up my room and then let ppl scream and shout and finally give up on tellin me 2 clean it.. once they've stopped screamin and jst stop gettin bothered by the sight of it... i quietly clean my room.. some weird pleasure i derive from this habit of mine :)

we net buds miss u too yaa :(

write, grumble, talk crap.. its ur space.. exploit it.. ur rt 2 do so sweets! :)

i share a love-hate relationship with orkut.. the reasons i will never state 2 no one! :)

das babu is nice.. tho sangy baby or sangai deer rocks :P

heh? ok said...

@ brick
yay, you're back!! thanks for the post on my comment page.

Pari said...

theek hai...sangy nahin acha toh we revert to the original geetaben :P

heh? ok said...

@ pari
geetaben....i thought i'd left her behind. thanks for bringing her back.